Market Research

Our Market Research Reaches 6,000 Interviews per Year.

It Gathers Over 1 Million Market Facts of Zimbabweans above 15 years of age...

We have you everything you need to know to accurately target your product audience and find your customers fast.

This extensive nation wide research is now popularly known as ZAMPS – an acronym for Zimbabwe All Media and Products Survey (ZAMPS).

The ZAMPS process is commissioned by the advertising, marketing, public relations and media industries who want to know what people watch, read and listen to, where and how they shop and which products they buy.

It is a quantitative, not qualitative, survey and the interview base is 6,000 urban and rural heads of households. Interviews are conducted face to face in Shona, Ndebele and English, using a KISH grid.

Until 2003, the survey was conducted annually and a second, Teen ZAMPS was also done each year. In line with the increasingly fast-moving world environment, we now research people from 15 years of age twice a year in both urban and rural areas. Finances permitting, we want to conduct four, national adult surveys a year and two Teen Zamps.

Zamps’ research is comparable with that conducted in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Namibia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Madagascar. Global brands use it to determine market spend across the African continent.


ZAMPS is designed to provide marketers with objective, accurate information on each medium to enable them to reach their target audience most effectively by:

  • Providing information that helps marketing people define and understand their target markets better and supplying information on media habits and the level of electronic, print and outdoor media consumption.
  • Delivering user profiles for fast-moving consumer goods.

This data helps marketers target their promotions to the audiences they want to reach, maximising the effectiveness of advertising spend because you reach more of your potential customers by selecting the media you know they consume.

What to Find Our Research Results

To download results of each survey click here. For more than 18 years, our Zimbabwe All Media and Products Survey (simply known as ZAMPS) provides a cross analysis of all Zimbabwe Market Research Data questions by age, gender, area, home language and Living Standard Measurements (LSMs).

What Can We Do For You Today?

Below is a comprehensive list of our various Market Research Services. Just as we do for all of our clients, please feel free to request any services specifically customised for the size and specific needs of your company.

  • Consumer, category and market audits and understanding
  • Market segmentation and profiling
  • Idea generation and needs analysis
  • Innovation and product development
  • Pack, product, brand and communication evaluation
  • Brand health measurement and tracking
  • Marketing mix/touchpoint understanding