Data-Feed Workshops

Our ZAMPS is the single most valuable tool for anyone doing business in Zimbabwe.

All our training and Data Feed Workshops siphon from the thorough and extensive job done during ZAMPS Research.

To develop your Growth Strategy, our workshops will help you identify and capitalize on emerging growth opportunities in Zimbabwe's fastest-expanding markets.

ZARF conducts various workshops for marketers who want to gain a deeper understanding of what Zimbabweans read, watch and listen to, and what their buying habits are.

The research findings presented tell you exactly who is reading which newspaper, the TV programmes they enjoy, the time they listen to, which radio channel as well as whether they use the Internet, are Facebook or Twitter fans, own a cellphone – or have insurance. It is the single most valuable tool for anyone doing business in Zimbabwe or Africa.

ZARF also runs ZAMPS data mining workshops. They consist of Power Point presentations and intensive Questions and Answers Segments.

What Can We Do For You Today?

Below is a comprehensive list of the immense benefits you can get from our Data-Feed Workshops. Contact us for workshops specifically customized for you, or subscribe to stay updated of any of our workshops running near you.

  • Learn how to detect new megatrends—and understand how they affect the business landscape
  • Develop a growth strategy by finding new opportunities often overlooked in Zimbabwean markets and exploring those fast-expanding markets
  • Use frameworks to organize resources and research around new market factors for business growth
  • Develop a new lens to see emerging market growth opportunities and economies of scale and scope
  • Track and evaluate the performance of competitors on a regular basis
  • Explore the relationship between drivers of growth and potential business opportunities