Zimbabwean Gains Market Share

Readership of The Zimbabwean has doubled, making it one of the most popular publications with discerning readers, according to the latest Zimbabwe All Media and Products Survey.

According to the data, 43 per cent of Zimbabweans read a weekly newspaper, with people in higher income groups representing the biggest market segment. Almost all of the most affluent read the weekly press.

Quarter 3, conducted in September 2012, is an urban survey, with 1,200 respondents in all towns and cities. It is the first one this year, due to financial constraints.

The Sunday Mail continues to be the most widely read weekly, but its market share dropped to 26 per cent from 32 per cent in last year’s survey. The Standard has also dropped, to 7 per cent from 8 per cent, while Kwayedza holds steady at 4 per cent.

The two new radio stations were included in the research, with Zimpaper’s Star Radio gaining a listenership of 12 per cent of urban people and ZiFM coming in with 3 per cent.

ZAMPS has over 1 million pieces of information in it. It looks at which countries are liked by Zimbabweans – and which are not. It questions which donors are known to urban dwellers, and what they are seen to do for the country. For instance, UNICEF is recognized as being a major contributor to education by 15 per cent of town people: only 4 per cent believe the Zimbabwe government contributes to education.

World Vision is the best-known of the donors – but 58 per cent of people can’t remember any donor aid. Education, followed by food aid, are seen as the major aid programmes. AIDS’ initiatives garner 8 per cent recognition while health aid and child protection are acknowledged by 6 per cent respectively of urban people. Home-based care comes next – at 3 per cent.

ZAMPS also tells marketers which products people buy – and where they shop. It is essential marketing information for anyone wanting to do business in Africa because the data is comparable across the continent.

In Zimbabwe it is funded by a 1.5 per cent levy on all advertising and the questionnaire is commissioned by representatives of the major media houses, advertisers, marketers and their consultants. Being independent, it is trusted by all to deliver accurate information on what people watch, read, listen to, buy and like.

ZAMPS is commissioned quarterly by the Zimbabwe Advertising Research Foundation on behalf of the advertising industry.